Access Control Security Installation Whittlesea

Access Control Security Installation in Whittlesea

It is important that you are able to monitor your property 24×7. It will add an added layer of safety and security. However, since it is not humanly possible, what you need is a centralised access control system for keeping a track and having a strict vigil on your property.

Aussie Electrical and Solar offers access control security solutions with the help of some highly customised and focused access control security installation in Whittlesea. We would offer the best access control solutions with the technology that suits your needs. Our best-of-breed access control technology will ensure that you and your property is as safe and secured as it can be. With cutting edge systems, we ensure high-level performance and continuous innovation in different areas that guarantees you get the best out of your investment.

What makes our access control security installation in Whittlesea Different?

Our dedicated technicians have extensive experience and knowledge in the access control industry, installation, designing and maintenance.

Besides, our highly qualified experts will offer a systematic approach to ensure a flawless installation of the system.

What Does our access control security installation in Whittlesea Involve?

At Aussie Electrical and Solar our access control security installation in Whittlesea include:
  • Unboxing and gathering of necessary access control system equipment & accessories
  • Setting up pathways, closets, ducts, and terminals of cabling
  • Arranging the cables or putting the wireless routers at the respective designated points
  • Building in door locks and door readers
  • Establishing sensors at the projected points
  • Installation of the primary controllers at the main points and setting up connection through wires
  • Connecting and linking power cables
  • Entrusting the installation to the responsible configuration engineer after the physical power on testing

Yes, despite being amongst the best, our access control security system is extremely easy to use and manage.

The access control security system includes cards and keyfobs, bracelets and RFID transponders. They also include biometric, including finger/palm print and facial recognition mechanisms, ; intangibles including electronic tokens for smartphones and smartwatches. Other accessories include specialty readers, such as keypad or long-range vehicle scanners and tele-entry systems, integrated CCTV cameras, elevator control, and many more.

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