Commercial Electricians
Commercial Electrical Contractor
At Aussie Electrical and Solar, we take care of your commercial building premises, regarding electrical exigencies that crop up so that you can concentrate your energies and resources on your business rather than fixing the troublesome electrical breakdown. We provide qualified electricians at your disposal, ensuring 100% guaranteed same-day service for a wide array of electrical products and systems. You can seek our assistance for the following jobs.
Energy Efficient Light Installation
Our commercial electrical contractors in Melbourne possess profound knowledge of lighting fixtures; thereby, offering advice on choosing the best product for the application. Besides the installation of lighting modules, our commercial electricians are well-versed in carrying out the repair, replacement, and maintenance of the same.
Top-notch Presentation & Entertainment Solutions
If you are planning to set up a large LCD or high-quality home theatre system with speakers in every corner of the arena, you can trust Aussie Electrical and Solar for such jobs. We install entertainment equipment just the way you want, regardless of size, make or model of the given equipment.
Surge Protection
If you are running a business, it is likely for you to have expensive appliances and equipment installed in your premises. However, these appliances, too, are prone to damage due to abrupt spike in electric supply. Therefore, in order to minimize the risk of failure, we provide surge protection to all your commercial appliances, whether electrical or electronic.
Emergency Exit and Sign Board Lighting
Our commercial electrical contractors in Melbourne ably provide repair and installation assistance, for emergency exit and sign board lighting. We install the most appropriate light-module inside the sign board so as to maintain a balance between luminosity and power consumption.
Industrial Electrical Services
We cater for industrial electrical services at affordable prices, with an assurance of 100% client-satisfaction. It takes far-fetched skills and years of experience to deal with intricate industrial electrical systems; at Aussie Electrical and Solar, we have professionals who have been working on industrial electrical equipment and systems for years; thus, you can count on us for industrial electrical repairs and maintenance.

We Aussie Electrical and Solar understand the varied needs of commercial premises in regard to electrical and lighting system. We are committed to excellence and adhered to consistency when it comes to performance. Our professionals are undeterred by adverse circumstances and are ready to walk the extra mile for procuring satisfactory results.Apart from being skilled, experienced and licensed to perform commercial electrical jobs, our team of electricians is clean, professional and exhibits friendly behavior. We carry a positive attitude and a strong will to match the quality standards whilst minimizing unnecessary hassle. Our commercial electrician services come at prices that are absolutely competitive to the market. Get in touch with us today in case you are planning to install a new electrical system or getting the existing one repaired/maintained. We are just a phone call away from offering assistance to your varied electrical needs. We always look forward to working with you and make sure that you also think in the same faculty after dealing with us.

Commercial Electrical services Melbourne include but are not limited to,the following:

Fast Commercial Response We operate an emergency service that runs 24/7, so you can rely on a fast response no matter what time of day or night your electrical emergency occurs. We can be at your location in Melbourne fast or a time that is most convenient for you.

Renovate or Change-of-Use ProjectsWe can assist you if you are changing the use of your current location, or the use of a particular area or moving into new premises that need work to fit your electrical and data requirements.

Clean, professional and friendly ElectriciansOur electrical services are already trusted by many businesses in the Melbourne area. Our key to success is that our electricians are clean, professional and friendly.

Lighting solution and save power consumption Aussie electrical and solar can provide a range of lighting solutions from replacing old lighting, fixtures, installing modern led lighting and switches, new modern and energy efficient solutions to installing new lighting for your business. For greater control of your electrical bills, we can also provide a number of automated lighting solutions to suit your requirements.

All Your Commercial Electrical Needs Aussie electrical and solar offer a range of electrical services. We are specialists when it comes to lighting, extending telephone and data networks, installing new sockets and upgrading switchboards and capacity.Our electrician can also help to make your business a electrical safety zone and also advice you on how your business be more energy efficient to save money.

On-Site ElectriciansIf you have any electrical needs when you go off-site for presentation, conventions, trade fairs, demonstrations and product launches Aussie electrical and solar can be there to make your show a success.

Telephone and Data Cabling We can take care of all your telephone and data cabling needs from extending your current network to installing new sockets and Ethernet networks.

Presentation and entertainment for your businessWe install your large screen t.v on wall and wired them properly. We can also install projectors for better presentation of your business and product.

Surge ProtectionWe offer a variety of surge protection solutions which can help protect your IT and electronic equipment from damaging surges.

Emergency exit and Sign board lightingWe can install and repair exit and other sign boards on your property. We also check all battery performance installed in the premisses.

Emergency servicesCall us after for hours or on week ends for any emergency service and we will be their in no time. We want you to be our permanent customer.

Our Expert ElectriciansAll of our expert electricians are fully licensed and qualified for all your commercial electrical requirements.
For all your commercial electrical needs across Melbourne, call and speak with the professionals at Aussie electrical and solar Electricians today.