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Wall Switch Issues that Demand Intervention of a Professional Electrician

Wall switches that are the indispensable components of any domestic or commercial electrical systems go for toss at times. When that happens, you come across a number of telltale signs that tell you it is time to hire a qualified electrician. The fact is that ignoring these signs can lead to disasters. Therefore, it is imperative that you are able to read these signs and take corrective measures at the earliest.

On this page, let us discuss the early signs of a defective wall switch that can only be replaced by a qualified electrician in Laurimar.

‘Temperamental’ Switch or fixture

This is a very common condition faced by a defective wall switch. As and when you flip over the toggle lever of the light switch to the ON position from OFF position, the light does not go on immediately. Rather, it takes a moment to get on, stays steady for a few seconds and then starts flickering and fluctuating. This clearly states that the metallic components inside the switch have suffered extensive wear and tear and hence they are failing to keep the connections steady. It also indicates that the components are constantly losing the connection. When this happens, the switch needs to be replaced and the connections checked and reset. Thus, you need to hire an electrician who will be able to carry out the job without any hiccup.

Sparking Switch

This is another extremely common issue that takes place if and when the switch has got some issue. Whenever you put the switch off or on, you will come across sparks at the edge of the switch. In certain cases, it is normal and is triggered by the local arc, with the electricity jumping between the contacts and pulling away from each other. However, these are minor sparks. Now is the sparks are larger and reach out of the gap between the switch frame and the switch button that’s a red flag and needs intervention of the electrician in Yarrambat.

Noisy Switch

Although defective light switches can produce a wide range of electrical noises, the majority of them can be characterised by one of the phrases clicking, sizzling, popping, or buzzing. Make sure to verify these because sometimes loose electrical connections can be the source of this. However, it’s more possible that these noises are alarms from a switch that is broken or worn out. It’s time to change it.

Hot-to-touch switches

A dimmer switch will naturally produce some heat that you can feel when using it (typically, you’ll feel it when you turn the switch off). This happens because a dimmer works by dissipating some of the heat generated by the entire current flow in order to reduce the light source’s intensity. However, if the switch actually feels warm, the dimmer might be malfunctioning and has to be replaced.

Thus you see, these are some of the telltale signs that the switches have to be replaced. And for that you need to hire the best electricians. Call Aussie Electrical and Solar as we have the best electricians at our disposal.