CCTV System Installation Mernda

What are the Mistakes to Avoid During Installation of CCTV?

Every workplace must have a reliable and contemporary CCTV system, notably in retail and service environments. Effective camera monitoring can serve as a deterrent for potential criminal activity. In the event of a problem, they can also be of crucial assistance to the authorities, enabling a swift and effective resolution that spares the company from a serious inconvenience.

Even the best CCTV system, though, can be compromised or even made useless if it is not installed properly. That is the reason the best professionals who are into CCTV camera repair services in Wollert would suggest installing them in a flawless way. Nevertheless, the following blunders will reduce a security system’s ability to monitor the surroundings. Hence, they are to be averted in all possible ways.

Setting up the cameras at incorrect height

Your surveillance cameras’ field of view will be restricted if they are mounted too low to the ground. You primarily want to record faces and the upper part of the body in places like parking lots and other areas of your business premises as well as the full images of cars and licence plates.

However, mounting the cameras too high will likely leave them exposed to the elements and you will not get the subjects that you are looking forward to capturing. The type of camera being used, particularly the angle and field of view it takes, and the object(s) being monitored will determine the optimal placement.

Choosing an incorrect location

During CCTV system installation in Mernda you must ensure that the camera’s placement does not obstruct its field of view. Objects like branches of trees, billowing curtains, potential furniture, or other items that obstruct a clear line of sight must be averted while setting up the camera.

Letting one camera face the other

You will obviously need multiple cameras to effectively cover the entire area that has to be monitored. However, that does not mean you will have to have one camera facing another and getting “caught” in each other’s scope in a frequent error. Images may get distorted as a result of one camera picking up the infrared light of the other in these cases. Make sure the placement’s angle prevents it from happening.

Making a poor camera selection

If too few or the wrong kinds of cameras are chosen, the very purpose of setting up the CCTV system can be jeopardised. Particularly, PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) cameras are growing in popularity since they can track threats and are more difficult to predict in terms of their scopes and camera angles. They are occasionally chosen as a solution over the more conventional cameras. This means a single PTZ camera will likely replace the need for two or three standard cameras. Sometimes that isn’t possible, and as a result, the CCTV system is inadequate and unable to capture all workplace activity.

At times, using numerous conventional cameras strategically results in a more reliable system than using just a handful.

Not considering the illumination of your property

The illumination in your office must always be taken into account. Images become indistinguishable either because of too much exposure to light or too little lighting. The type of camera you select must be capable of handling extreme lighting conditions and adjusting as necessary.

So for further details, you must take the help of a reputable camera installation service provider. What better name can you opt for than Aussie Electrical and Solar if you are in and around Melbourne? Call us to book our service.